James Faris


James Faris serves as lead pastor at 2RP and has been on staff since 2011. In addition to preaching the gospel, teaching, and leading the session and staff, James has a special focus on outreach, evangelism, and missions. He loves the state of Indiana and longs to see her residents seek Jesus in every part of life.  He graduated from Purdue University (B.S., Organizational Leadership & Supervision, 1999) and worked in the automotive industry before entering pastoral ministry.  He is married to Elizabeth, and they have six children. Along with loving a busy family life, his hobbies include running, following college sports and Major League Baseball, history, and trivia. He received his theological training at The Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (M.Div., 2003). Follow him on Twitter at @james_faris.



Joel Hart

Associate Pastor

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Joel Hart has served as associate pastor at 2RP since the summer of 2018. While working in corporate finance, Joel served as an intern at Second RP from 2014-2016. There, he grew to love seeing Christ proclaimed and lives transformed through the ministry of the church. He graduated from the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Pittsburgh) in 2018 and has now returned to Second RP to assist in the labor for the gospel in Indianapolis.  Joel’s great desire is to proclaim the gospel of our Triune God to see saints, disciples, and witnesses established for His kingdom.  He enjoys running, reading, basketball, and spending time with family. Joel is married to Orlena, and they have four children: David, Jenny, Elisha, and Esther.  Follow him on Twitter at @joelhart1.



Elders and Deacons

Ruling Elders:

  • Richard Blankenship
  • Rich Blum
  • Donald Cassell
  • Dean Filson
  • Dave Mauser
  • Terry Magnuson
  • Jeff Platt
  • David Pulliam
  • Russ Pulliam


  • Ethan Bell
  • Patrick Concannon
  • Eric Filson
  • Tom Mangan
  • Aaron Murray
  • Mike Stuart
  • Paul Swigart




Dean Filson is one of the elders in the congregation and employed to assist the pastoral staff with relational, technical and communication skills learned from his previous 25 years in the work world. He coordinates efforts of the elders to shepherd members, serves on several committees and is involved in several ministries. He is married to Pam and together have been blessed by God with four children and their growing families.





Jennifer Blankenship has served as the administrative assistant and office manager for 2RP Church since 2005.  She appreciates using her gifts to support her pastors and session members as well as to encourage her church family as they strive together for the sake of the Gospel.    Jennifer is also the Chairman of the Women’s Ministry Committee and desires to see women grow in fellowship and discipleship as they love and serve their Savior together.   Other interests include graphic art, photography, politics, baking, and cycling.  She resides on the northeast side of Indianapolis and is blessed to be an aunt to numerous nieces and nephews.

If you have any questions or would like further information about 2RP, call or email the church office, and Jennifer will be glad to assist you!