James Faris

James Faris serves as lead pastor at 2RP and has been on staff since 2011. In addition to preaching the gospel, teaching, and leading the session and staff, James has a special focus on outreach, evangelism, and missions.  He graduated from Purdue University (B.S., Organizational Leadership & Supervision, 1999) and worked in the automotive industry before entering pastoral ministry. He received his theological training at The Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (M.Div., 2003). He is married to Elizabeth, and they have six children.

Associate Pastor

Jerry Foltz

Jerry Foltz serves as associate pastor at 2RP and is the most recent addition to our staff.  In addition to preaching the gospel, teaching, and counseling, Jerry has a special interest in hospitality and building relationships within the church as well as reaching the lost, broken, and unchurched.  He has a particular interest in mercy ministry and helping those who struggle with life dominating sins.  Jerry and his wife Monica love to cook, entertain company, and explore Indianapolis, searching for the city’s best cuisine. Jerry received his theological training at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (M.Div., 2021).  Follow him on Twitter at  @JfoltzRpcna