Church Life

The Lord has called us to seek Christ by focusing on Reaching, Training, Building, and Sending, in a variety of ways as we serve together.


Worship each Sunday, the Lord’s Day, is central to our life as a community, which spans all ages. In worship, God meets with his people, and we experience in a fresh way his promise when he said “I will be your God and you will be my people.” Jesus Christ himself mediates our worship by his Holy Spirit. We seek to worship God as he directs, in spirit and in truth (John 4:24). Join us for a time of worship that is uniquely based upon the Word of God in teaching, preaching, praying, singing, and the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Many find at 2RP the practice of singing only the 150 Psalms without musical accompaniment to be refreshing, even if unusual among churches in our era. Join us at 10:45 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. each week to worship God, and watch a recording of one of our recent services on our home page.

We love the children that the Lord has given us, and we pray that all of our children will be taught by the Lord. You’ll find a nursery staffed on Sundays and during the worship services. Our Bible school classes are on a summer break for 2024. During the rest of the year our Bible school classes are provided for all ages at 9:30 a.m. that focus on instruction from the Bible designed to shape lives according to God’s word in belief and practice.

Mid-Week Activities

Our midweek activities are designed to draw us closer to the Lord, to each other, and those in our community and beyond.  These activities include:

  • Youth Bible study for junior high and high school
  • Small Group Bible studies for adults
  • IUPUI Campus Ministry
  • English as a Second Language classes
  • Friendship Bible Study to minister to those with developmental disabilities
  • Women’s Bible studies and prayer meetings
  • A variety of other small groups that meet at a personal level for prayer, encouragement, and discipleship

Additional Ministries

Additional ministries meet monthly, irregularly, or are standing ministries, such as:

  • Seniors’ Luncheons
  • College/Young Adult Fellowship
  • IronMen Ministry for men’s discipleship
  • Women’s fellowship times
  • Mercy ministries
  • Seminary-level classes providing theological education
  • Presbytery youth events and conferences for all ages (with other sister churches)
  • Mission Teams sent abroad

We also enjoy regular hospitality and fellowship together in the form of meals, themed dinners, game nights, talents shows, outings, special programs, and more. Find more details by downloading our app today!

Presbytery Life

We are deeply blessed to be part of a vibrant and active presbytery, the Great Lakes-Gulf Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. The presbytery provides help in a formal sense, but it also gives us a living connection to other saints. When members join 2RP, they are not only united to the saints here, but also the saints in nearly twenty other congregations.

In Christ, we have occasional joint worship services in many locations. The pastors and elders often gather for prayer for the presbytery and mutual encouragement. Through the CYPU (Covenanter Young Peoples Union),  youth conferences and service opportunities are planned, including a winter conference where God’s Word is central. Many of our youth testify that God has changed their lives through these events. Every summer we have a family conference for the presbytery with rich fellowship, teaching, and singing.  Additionally, collaborative missions and church-planting efforts spring from our relationship. Churches in university towns become spiritual havens and ministry launch-points for students from other congregations. Professional development and job placement opportunities are made known through this precious spiritual family.   As a result, many other benefits flow from these God-appointed connections of congregations.


We are grateful for the history of the life that the Lord has given us as a congregation. God established 2RP in 1964 through the ministry of Dr. Roy Blackwood with a profound emphasis on seeking first the kingdom of God in all of life through the person of Jesus Christ, personal discipleship, and robust outreach. Dr. Blackwood believed Jesus’ promise when he said “I will build my church.” Jesus did, and he still is building his church.

The Lord gave us this property and building at 4800 North Michigan Road in 1966. He’s given us the privilege of daughtering churches and supporting other church plants in our presbytery for the last 50-plus years.

In addition to Dr. Blackwood, Rich Johnston, James Faris, and Jerry Foltz have served as lead pastors. Many others have served through the years as associate pastors, elders, deacons, staff members, missionaries, professors, interns, members, and servants of the church.

We are grateful to be a part of Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. It is one of the oldest evangelical denominations in the country, founded in 1798. The Lord planted our roots as a church in Scotland, where he brought about the Reformed Presbyterian Church through the second reformation in the seventeenth century.  In that context, the Reformed Presbyterians (Covenanters ) stood in the face of great opposition “For Christ’s Crown and Covenant.”