Blackwood Fund Grant Application

Note:  Before you submit this application, please read this letter to make sure your request abides by the grant guidelines.  Should you have questions, you may contact Pastor James Faris at

Complete this form to request grant-funded resources and activities for your ministry/committee.  Your application will be reviewed by the Session.  You may contact Pastor James Faris with any questions.  Thank you for applying and for your service in the Body of Christ.

Tell us about your ministry's need for this grant and how the funds will be used to strengthen and equip the congregation for service and to seek first Jesus' Kingdom in ways that would otherwise not be possible. Include the activities you will engage in to address the challenge or opportunity. Also describe how the grant funds will be used.
Provide information about the resources for which you are seeking funding (curricula, personnel [e.g. speakers], registration fees, food, transportation, etc.)
You have up to 12 months to complete the activities related to the grant-funded resources (those you named in the "Resources To Be Used" section of this application.) Provide a timeline to show how the project will unfold.
Please describe: 1. What changes do you expect to see in your ministry/committee as a result of the activities and resources that will be funded by this grant? 2. How will you know that the changes occurred or be able to evaluate what Jesus has done?

After the project:  You will be required to submit a written evaluation of how your ministry was changed and the fruit you see as a result of the grant.